Whether you need help with a remortgage, buying a new home or negotiating a mortgage, Brick2Brick Mortgages can manage all your remortgage needs.

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There are different reasons why you may want to remortgage. You may be coming to the end of your incentive period. When this period expires please BE WEARY as you are more than likely going to be on the lenders standard variable rate which is generally a lot higher than during the incentive period.

GIVE US A CALL here at Brick2Brick around 3-4 months before the end of this period and we will ensure that you don’t go onto the standard variable rate and to get the most cost effective deal that is available to you.

There are other reasons why some people remortgage and these include raising money from you existing mortgage and this is taking some of the equity out to carry out things such as home improvements like an extension, loft conversion or maybe that new kitchen you have always wanted. Some other reasons we see are for buying a new car or debt consolidation. Even funding a son or daughters wedding.

To give you an idea of how much your remortgage will cost you then take a look at our mortgage calculator allocated on the home page or GIVE US A CALL.

Reasons to Remortgage