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NHS Mortgages

What Does A Mortgage Broker Do?

Paul Collinson talks about mortgages for NHS workers.

Can you explain the mortgage application process for an  NHS worker?

Of course. You’d first come to us to find out what your maximum borrowing potential is, and then you’ll know what property values to look at and what kind of deposit you’ll need. 

We’ll supply you with an Approval in Principle so you’re ready to go and find a property you like. Once you have an offer accepted, we’ll find the most suitable mortgage available to you. After that, we get your documents together and apply for the mortgage on your behalf. 

We deal with over 90 mortgage lenders to make sure we get the most suitable option for you.

What documentation do I need for a mortgage as an NHS worker?

It’s pretty much the same as most employed applicants – you’ll need your latest few months pay slips, most recent bank statements and ID in the form of either a driving licence or a passport.

How can I find a lender that offers a mortgage as someone who works for the NHS?

We are a whole-of-market independent mortgage broker and we have access to over 90 mortgage lender. We find the right available option. Most lenders do offer NHS mortgages, but they may assess it in different ways. 

NHS workers sometimes have different overtime sections on their payslip. Some of them do bank work. Lenders can assess that in different ways, so to find out your maximum borrowing, we need a lender that would take 100% of that income rather than only 50% of it.

What are the typical interest rates and loan terms for a mortgage as someone who works for the NHS? 

It’s pretty much the same as for someone that doesn’t work for the NHS. Most lenders do offer NHS mortgages. We would seek out a lender that is happy with all the extra parts of the income shown on NHS pay slips. 

In terms of typical interest rates, over the last couple of years as we’re aware, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster [podcast recorded in June 2024]. At the moment, as it stands you could get an interest rate at the lower end of 4% depending on the Loan to Value. 

If you only have a 5% deposit you could be looking at a higher rate of 5%. But if you’ve got more more deposit to put in, that reduces the risk for the lender so you’ll get the lower rates of around the early fours just at the moment.

Can I use a mortgage to buy a property jointly with someone else as an NHS worker?

Just as with any other applicant, it’s absolutely fine as an NHS worker to go on a joint mortgage application. 

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What happens if I am no longer employed by the NHS after obtaining a mortgage?

That’s fine if the mortgage is completed. As long as the new job means your mortgage is still affordable, there’s no issue. When your current mortgage’s fixed period ends, we would need to assess the new income to check affordability before we could find you another deal.

Can I port my mortgage if I need to move to a different property as an NHS worker?

Most lenders do allow you to port a mortgage. They’ll normally reassess the income when you move the mortgage over to another property, and check that the new home is going to fit their criteria. This would all need to fit prior to porting the mortgage.

Often the new property needs a mortgage higher than the current borrowing. They’d normally port the mortgage and you would get additional lending from that same lender. 

Your affordability would need to be reassessed on the whole mortgage and then the lender would arrange that for you.

Are there any additional fees or charges associated with a mortgage as someone who works for the NHS?

No, there won’t be any additional fees for NHS staff over anyone else.

What happens if I am unable to make my mortgage payments as an NHS worker?

It’s the same as if you’re working for any other company or you’re self-employed. At the moment there is something called the Mortgage Charter, introduced by the government – but I’m unsure how long this will last. 

It enables a client to switch to interest only for six months to help them out if they are struggling. But in the worst case scenario, if a mortgage is not paid for an amount of time your property could be repossessed by the lender.

That’s not nice for anyone involved on the mortgage. It’s going to affect any future borrowing for the next six years.

Can I get a Buy to Let mortgage as an NHS worker?

Yes, there’s no difference. Lenders will assess the mortgage amount based on the anticipated rental income for that property. There are some lenders that may look at using your main income to help with this.

What if I have bad credit? Can I still get a mortgage as an NHS worker?

It would depend on the type of bad credit. It may be one missed payment, or several, or some late payments on a credit card. A default or County Court Judgement on your file that’s unsettled will always look worse from a lender’s point of view. 

Come into us first and we will assess the full credit file. You should be able to obtain that on our website. Download the full report and email it over, then we’ll see which lenders would be suitable for you.

How do I apply for a mortgage as an NHS worker? How can a mortgage broker help?

It’s as I described in that mortgage process earlier. After I’ve completed that process, we have Access to over 90 mortgage lenders to approach for the most suitable mortgage available based on your circumstances.

We’d apply on your behalf and keep you updated through the process to ensure that everything completes for you as smoothly as possible. Then we could get you moved in and start your journey as a homeowner.



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